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The Vaudeville Golf Society Captain 2024


Michael Morris


Name: Mike Morris

Age : Don't be so bloody rude!

VGS member since : Kap did tell me but I've forgotten of course!!

Clubs : Taylormade.  Good job there's no water on Fulwell - They can't swim.

Balls : Calaway Warbirds. If you find one on the course it MUST be mine!!!!

It's an honour to be asked to be Captain this year. Quite frankly I was thinking of giving it up

and would have if it weren't for the Nineteenth hole!!

Seriously, I'm looking forward to an enjoyable year of fun golf.

Please make an effort to turn out every week because

I've heard all Roger's jokes a thousand times!  One good thing - getting to go out before Capri at least means that I  get into the clubhouse before dark !

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