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The Vaudeville Golf Society has a long and wonderful history.

Over the years It's membership can boast many of the most famous names associated with British entertainment and sport.


Some illustrious past Captains/Members
Past Captains

1940 Donald Peers

1948 Bud Flanagan

1949 Ted Ray

1959 Dickie Henderson

1960 Bruce Forsyth 

1961 Harry Secombe

1966 Eddie Calvert

1980 Gordon Peters

1984 Jimmy Hill

1987 Kenneth Wolstenholme

1990 Bobby Butlin

1991 John Bardon

1993 Craig Douglas

1996 Roger De Courcey

2003 Larry Dann

2006 Kaplan Kaye

2007 Chris Hare

2011 Jess Conrad

2012 Ed Stewart

2014 Bobby Davro

2019/20 Johnny Wade Julie Samuels (Joint Captains)


Playing Members

Charlie Drake

Eric Sykes

Jimmy Jewell

Ben Warris

Freddie Mills

Arthur Askey

Reg Varney

Tommy Cooper

Lonnie Donegan

Adam Faith

Dick Emery

Val Doonican

Norman Vaughn

Norman Wisdom 

Peter Osgood

Jeff Stevenson


Past Honorary Presidents  

Peter Aliss

Sir Donald Gosling

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The Vaudeville Golf Society  Vs  Curtis Cup Team 1960

Sudbury Golf Club

Back Row from Left to Right

Charlie Drake  Michael Medwin  Dickie Henderson  Ben Warris  Richard Murdock  Eric Sykes  Jimmy Jewel 

Bob and Alf Pearson  Freddie Mills  Ted Ray  Harry Secombe  Arthur Askey

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